Working for Arkansas State University Campus Querétaro, with whom we developed its digital strategy, we created a unique formula with different stages, objectives and phases to fulfill:

Trabajando para Arkansas State University Campus Querétaro, con quien desarrollamos su estrategia digital, creamos una fórmula única para con diferentes etapas, objetivos y fases a cumplir.
Un deep listening del mercado, de las oportunidades y del conocimiento de la universidad.

A deep listening of the market, opportunities and knowledge of the university.

We developed a communication concept in order to reinvest the weak points of perception, amplifying the strong points according to the needs found in the target.

Desarrollamos un concepto de comunicación con el fin de reinvertir lo puntos débiles de percepción, amplificando los puntos fuertes según las necesidades que se encontraron en el target.

We created a strategy with a common goal for everything: Generate leads with constant feedback and analysis towards a final goal of MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads).

Each communication, each touchpoint and each action was based on the general objective of generating new students.

Creamos una estrategia con un objetivo común para todo: Generar leads con constante retroalimentación y análisis hacia un objetivo final de MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads).
Cada comunicación, cada touch point y cada acción fue pensada en función de este objetivo de generar nuevos estudiantes.

This new strategy turned into
a radical change on the
communication, going from "a
promise" to a “proof":

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We handled all communications from within the university with an internal content/community who documented what was happening within the university at the time: the student experience.

On-going brand identity construction based on constant feedback from insights.

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180% over the target in lead volume.

83% of the leads delivered were MQL (marketing qualified lead).

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